Change Log

Easy Repossession - (Released 2014-07-05)

- 0000299: [General] Develop script/application to perform hourly database backups (admin)
- 0000296: [General] Add warnings/notifications to summary screens - e.g multiple primarys or NO primary items (admin)
- 0000292: [General] Add Clear/Reset Button to fields that are not required (admin)
- 0000297: [General] Sanitize all inputs from main site contact form (admin)
- 0000294: [General] Ensure all statements are in PDO prepare format (admin)
- 0000293: [General] Prevent XSS and Code injections from any inputs (admin)
- 0000286: [General] Default date input to today if new form/adding for all appropriate date fields (admin)
- 0000288: [Cases] Add promps to verify to add all charges, add charge to client e.t.c (admin)
- 0000285: [General] Fix input field mini icons (admin)
- 0000266: [General] Ensure permissions read only lookup is located on each page (admin)
- 0000289: [General] Fix header bar icons (admin)
- 0000291: [General] Add universal headers for each section (admin)
- 0000287: [Documents] For document generation, put a load limit on generating in the event of high load (admin)
- 0000180: [Admin] Update delete case tables (admin)
- 0000012: [General] Remove Ablility to put wrong kind of data in locations (e.g Numbers in phone number) (admin)
- 0000276: [General] BUG: datatables ajax tables buttons are enabled when they shouldn't be (admin)
- 0000281: [Police] adding police needs zipcode lookup, state, city and county drop downs and address verification (admin)
- 0000190: [General] Fix all headers and Icons (admin)
- 0000168: [General] Add address verification button to all address fields (admin)
- 0000282: [Tools] Add automatic region to address lookup to avoid accidently finding other country addresses (admin)
- 0000213: [Tools] Add Address Validation Tool (admin)
- 0000278: [Clients] Add delete fuction to client invoices (admin)
- 0000277: [General] BUG: Client can't see own cases on dashboard or cases (admin)
- 0000279: [Clients] Add Hide and Show Deleted to client invoice and charges (admin)
- 0000096: [General] For tables which have the potential to be large (e.g cases), add delayed loading of data (admin)
- 0000182: [General] Add option to auto-generate documents or not (admin)
- 0000244: [Cases] Add Update Due and Remind every to tracking for cases (admin)
- 0000273: [Admin] Add preview function to admin condition report (admin)
- 0000269: [Cases] Add warning condition reports can take time to generate (admin)
- 0000271: [Documents] Add function to extend table based on number of items in condition report (admin)
- 0000260: [General] BUG: Left bar increases in size on mobile devices - unintended (admin)
- 0000272: [Admin] Add blocking to adding of item in admin to condition report based on max inputs in database (admin)
- 0000265: [Cases] Add Condition Report settings (number of photos e.t.c) (admin)
- 0000270: [Cases] Update the way images are displayed on condition report form and template (admin)
- 0000263: [General] Ensure correct client rates are retrieved for case specific charges (admin)
- 0000148: [Admin] Section in admin to choose which templates to use (and have previews) (admin)
- 0000246: [Clients] When generating invoice, mileage per amount shows as 0.00, should show rules set up (admin)
- 0000243: [General] Optimize condition report database after changing the way it operates (admin)
- 0000195: [Cases] Change either the clickable car image or the way it looks at the coordinates (admin)
- 0000264: [Storage] BUG: Tax is being double calculated for personal property storage cost (admin)
- 0000251: [Storage] Add variable for free storage days for personal property (admin)
- 0000250: [Storage] Add variable for free storage days for assets (admin)
- 0000261: [Admin] Add setting of timezone (admin)
- 0000247: [Storage] Can't see asset name in personal property redemption (admin)
- 0000234: [General] Add function to report an issue (admin)
- 0000259: [Cases] BUG: Storage locations showing up when selecting location for repossesions etc (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.9.9 (Released 2014-06-22)

- 0000257: [Admin] Add copy details from one case to another (existing) (admin)
- 0000256: [Cases] Add additional fields to add case full if user is not a client including location, next step, quoted price, and status (admin)
- 0000214: [Search] Add more search criterias (admin)
- 0000017: [Cases] Add Copy Case Function (admin)
- 0000255: [Storage] Add in default storage cost and taxable to all storage if value isn't set/saved from previous form submit (admin)
- 0000249: [Storage] Add storage cost to asset Delivery (admin)
- 0000252: [Storage] Add storage cost to asset redemption (admin)
- 0000254: [Storage] Add the additional storage and fee fields to the updating of asset and personal property sections (admin)
- 0000220: [Storage] Auto calculate storage fee for personal property to put on forms (admin)
- 0000240: [Clients] Changes client invoice selected items to checkboxes instead for greater compatibility (admin)
- 0000239: [Clients] Add Combine charges to client (admin)
- 0000233: [General] Remove order by from sql queries if small datatables is in place (admin)
- 0000226: [Storage] Fix Background colors to white (storage) (admin)
- 0000231: [General] Add indexes to most commonly grabbed and sorted columns in each table to improve performance (admin)
- 0000242: [General] Optimize fields on the database for performance optimization (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.9.8 (Released 2014-06-18)

- 0000221: [Cases] Add combine charges to case (admin)
- 0000241: [Cases] Put pre tax amount into mileage calculations in the event the item is combined (admin)
- 0000235: [Cases] Add Taxable option to case mileage (admin)
- 0000176: [General] If there is a default storage charge, apply it when checking out vehicle (admin)
- 0000236: [General] Add rounding to 2 decimal places for tax and total value for charges (admin)
- 0000219: [Storage] If there is a fee set for a delivery (asset only) then apply to case charges (admin)
- 0000229: [Cases] BUG: Cases -> Agents, Clients -> Collectors if editing current does not show selected agent (admin)
- 0000223: [Cases] Add a quick add all agents from location to case (admin)
- 0000230: [General] Add cron job to reset usernames and passwords for test system (admin)
- 0000228: [General] Optimize big queries to not retrieve * to increase performance (admin)
- 0000227: [General] Add unique to each and every table for quicker queries (admin)
- 0000052: [Admin] Addition of Appropriate Admin Summary Screen (admin)
- 0000023: [Cases] Addition of Quick Notes for Cases (admin)
- 0000205: [Storage] Complete storage summary screen (admin)
- 0000203: [Agents] Add my cases to agents (admin)
- 0000222: [Agents] Add an assigned location to agents (admin)
- 0000225: [General] Fix all links from buttons (admin)
- 0000224: [Cases] Add location to cases table (admin)
- 0000217: [Clients] BUG: Clients Adding charges -> selecting mileage after already selecting another type multiple loads on change (admin)
- 0000218: [Clients] BUG? Clients -> Invoice not listing charges (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.9.5 (Released 2014-06-10)

- 0000151: [Police] Adding of Police (admin)
- 0000173: [General] Add Tabletools to reports (admin)
- 0000154: [General] Combine all javascripts within pages (admin)
- 0000209: [General] Add cron job for checking for notifications to be sent (admin)
- 0000201: [Admin] Add warnings and notifications if a hold time exceeds the default hold time (admin)
- 0000216: [Cases] If only first and last name entered in case_add_full add the last name to the appropriate field (admin)
- 0000150: [Cases] Adding case (full form) manually selecting city does not refresh counties (admin)
- 0000156: [General] Add history to all of storage modifications (admin)
- 0000143: [General] Attach scanned documents (admin)
- 0000210: [Storage] Add dynamic header (Pickup) to scheduled completed forms (admin)
- 0000211: [Storage] Add auto redirects after scheduling and completing storage/personal items to generated form (admin)
- 0000200: [Admin] Add Default hold times to company settings (admin)
- 0000199: [Storage] Add time in storage to storage datatables (admin)
- 0000202: [Storage] Add completed to personal property (admin)
- 0000206: [General] Combine document ready functions with javascript (admin)
- 0000152: [General] Change links within tables to buttons to obey permissions unless is a view button (admin)
- 0000208: [General] Remove unnecessary coding spaces (admin)
- 0000207: [General] Removed unused code commented out with // (admin)
- 0000194: [General] Add static sorting to every datatables (admin)
- 0000198: [General] Change table names and ids to be appropriate for the section (admin)
- 0000181: [General] Add dispose function to personal property redemptions (admin)
- 0000020: [General] Change multiple table formats to DataTables (admin)
- 0000184: [General] Add images to updates/tracking (admin)
- 0000196: [General] Add attachments to updates section (admin)
- 0000032: [General] All Datatables do not appear correct on mobile devices (too wide) (admin)
- 0000183: [Cases] Check when completing repo report that mileage charges get transferred (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.9 (Released 2014-06-06)

- 0000186: [General] Disable ability to view directory lists (admin)
- 0000193: [General] Add ID to all cases tables (admin)
- 0000024: [Cases] Update of Quoted Price then Updates the Appropriate Charge(s) (admin)
- 0000174: [Cases] BUG: Error foreach when adding repo report for mileage (admin)
- 0000112: [General] Address Labels/Enveloped and Letter head templates (admin)
- 0000192: [General] Add Mark Read Function to Notifications (admin)
- 0000177: [General] Add notification area (admin)
- 0000188: [Admin] Add Notification Settings to Admin (admin)
- 0000185: [General] Change text name of Tracking to Updates (admin)
- 0000155: [General] Personal Property Redemption (admin)
- 0000175: [Cases] Add mini headers across action bar buttons to indicate steps (admin)
- 0000160: [General] Add more tables/tabs to Storage (admin)
- 0000135: [Cases] Personal Property Storage Table (admin)
- 0000159: [General] Add personal property redemption (admin)
- 0000110: [General] personal property letters (admin)
- 0000179: [General] Add have keys to asset delivery (admin)
- 0000031: [Police] Police Modification Form (admin)
- 0000142: [Cases] Add keys to repo report and condition report doc (admin)
- 0000133: [General] Requesting of Client Update (admin)
- 0000051: [Admin] Add Reports Section (admin)
- 0000030: [Police] Complete sorting and searching of Police Table (admin)
- 0000169: [General] Add Generated Forms List (admin)
- 0000170: [General] Add Download to Forms List (admin)
- 0000049: [Admin] Add Forms Section (admin)
- 0000050: [Admin] Add Tools Section (admin)
- 0000158: [Admin] Add Fax to Company Information (admin)
- 0000134: [Admin] Inventory List (admin)
- 0000086: [General] Prevent Back Button (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.8.5 (Released 2014-06-01)

- 0000097: [General] Fix all Close and Cancel Buttons (admin)
- 0000164: [General] Integrate asset delivery form into addition of asset delivery (admin)
- 0000163: [General] Integrate redemption form into addition of redemption (admin)
- 0000132: [Cases] Redemption of Asset (admin)
- 0000153: [General] Add Asset/Storage Tab/Section (admin)
- 0000029: [General] Search Function (admin)
- 0000120: [Admin] Prevent multiple default rates (admin)
- 0000116: [Admin] Add FULL delete of case data (admin)
- 0000064: [Police] Add Editing of Police Account (admin)
- 0000066: [General] Preventing Browser Back Button (admin)
- 0000107: [Cases] Add auto lookup zip code to debtor in add_case_full (admin)
- 0000001: [General] [Object Object] from Ajax Submit (admin)
- 0000095: [Cases] Client Repossession Report Add Option to view other states for police (admin)
- 0000144: [Cases] Add body styles to vehicle and repo report (admin)
- 0000140: [Cases] Case Repo Report needs to have plate, platestate and plateexpiry (admin)
- 0000141: [Cases] Case Vehicle needs to have style, and body (admin)
- 0000114: [General] Add option to use local jquery or external jquery (admin)
- 0000026: [General] Generation and Preview of Documents functions optimization (admin)
- 0000118: [General] BUG: Client show all buttons redirect to ? (admin)
- 0000046: [General] Changing all non-required fields in database to NULL (admin)
- 0000139: [Cases] add case_history to condition report and check others (admin)
- 0000115: [General] Fix Delete button in documents (admin)
- 0000128: [Cases] Repossession Order centering (admin)
- 0000106: [Cases] Upon accepting case, auto generate repossession order (admin)
- 0000124: [Clients] Add Global Clients Header for easier customization (admin)
- 0000125: [Collectors] Add Global Collectors Header for easier customization (admin)
- 0000123: [Agents] Add Global Agents Header for easier customization (admin)
- 0000083: [Agents] BUG: Footer of Cases -> Agents not showing pagination (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.8 (Released 2014-05-27)

- 0000137: [Clients] Invoice template needs address to correctly be pulled from the database (admin)
- 0000108: [Cases] Add Photos to Condition Report (admin)
- 0000136: [Clients] Add Download Button to Invoices (admin)
- 0000007: [Clients] Ability to Re-Generate Invoice (admin)
- 0000131: [Admin] Add history viewing for admin area (admin)
- 0000071: [Admin] Add logging to Admin Area (admin)
- 0000127: [Admin] Duplicate line listing (admin)
- 0000126: [Admin] duplicate item (admin)
- 0000129: [General] Datatables highlighting of covering no longer working with new version of datatables (admin)
- 0000130: [General] Updated datatables version (admin)
- 0000077: [Cases] Add coloring to cases based on status in tables and case screen (admin)
- 0000122: [Cases] Add Global Case Header for easier customization (admin)
- 0000103: [Admin] Add modifying of default quoted price to admin (admin)
- 0000121: [General] Minify CSS (admin)
- 0000111: [Cases] Add Updating to Condition Report (admin)
- 0000105: [General] Add more lookups for user types (admin)
- 0000036: [Collectors] Add Documents to Collectors (admin)
- 0000102: [Cases] Cases -> Debtor -> Modifying Debtor type default to co-debtor even if modifying (admin)
- 0000074: [General] Add Default Date/Time to all required Date Fields (admin)
- 0000100: [Cases] Add Case Form needs to auto load collectors if adding by client (admin)
- 0000093: [General] On error, do not reload or redirect page and state error (admin)
- 0000094: [General] Add Ordering to all Tables (admin)
- 0000104: [General] Unable to press enter in text area forms (admin)
- 0000089: [General] Permissions -> Links within tables modifiable (admin)
- 0000084: [General] Add Download and Print Buttons to Documents (admin)
- 0000090: [General] Download Button in Documents (admin)
- 0000098: [Admin] Add Custom Logo Image (admin)
- 0000109: [General] Add dynamic company logo to forms/templates (admin)
- 0000087: [General] Add Readonly permission lookup for all files (admin)
- 0000088: [General] Permissions (admin)
- 0000082: [General] Add History for All Deletions (admin)
- 0000006: [Cases] Select Options not visible if bottom of page/area (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.7 (Released 2014-05-26)

- 0000065: [Cases] Adding of Long Form to Add Case (admin)
- 0000079: [Cases] When Case Added by Admin or Management set to Active, otherwise set to Pending (admin)
- 0000101: [Cases] Add default quoted price (admin)
- 0000092: [Collectors] Add History of Deletions to Collectors (admin)
- 0000041: [Cases] Add History for All Deletions for Cases (admin)
- 0000016: [General] Add Ordering of All Select Boxes (admin)
- 0000073: [Collectors] Ability to Show/Hide Active and Completed/Closed Cases in Collectors (admin)
- 0000085: [Cases] Add more height to cases -> debtor as unable to see all contents of drop down (admin)
- 0000018: [Admin] Add Permission Modification to Admin (admin)
- 0000034: [General] Check for submission of dates and convert to appropriate format (admin)
- 0000039: [Cases] Closing Case Function Added (admin)
- 0000013: [General] When Deleting a primary item (phone/address), a new primary needs to be selected (admin)
- 0000078: [Cases] Add Close and Complete Case Buttons to Case (admin)
- 0000038: [Agents] Add Documents to Agents (admin)
- 0000059: [General] Fix the expiring of Login Sessions (admin)
- 0000060: [Admin] Add Option of adding management (admin)
- 0000062: [Admin] Add Editing of Management Account (admin)
- 0000072: [Agents] Add Ability to view open/close cases in Agents Case Table (admin)
- 0000070: [Clients] Add Ability to view open/closed/completed Cases in Clients (admin)
- 0000081: [Clients] Add Group to Adding of Client (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.6 (Released 2014-05-23)

- 0000055: [General] Prevent Enter button from submitting forms the wrong way (admin)
- 0000075: [Admin] Add option to Add accounts via Admin (admin)
- 0000057: [Admin] Add option of adding admin (admin)
- 0000042: [Cases] Add Accepting of Case after submitting by Client (admin)
- 0000008: [Clients] Addition and Completion of Summary Screens (admin)
- 0000040: [Cases] Add Picked up Field to Repo Form (admin)
- 0000058: [General] Text in Headers Changing (admin)
- 0000019: [Admin] Addition of Admin Password Resets (admin)
- 0000069: [General] Add Licensing And Version to Database and Footer (admin)
- 0000063: [Admin] Add Editing of Admin Account (admin)
- 0000054: [General] Add Ability to change user access after account already added (admin)
- 0000067: [Admin] Addition of Admin Modifying Account Details (admin)
- 0000053: [General] Add ability to change username (admin)
- 0000009: [General] Icons (Links) (admin)
- 0000047: [General] Change lengths of all ID's to 25 Characters to allow for large database (admin)
- 0000010: [General] Some fields reported as required when they are optional (admin)
- 0000022: [Clients] Add Prefix options for Invoices (admin)
- 0000056: [General] Create Account Modification Section (admin)
- 0000061: [General] Add Login History to Account Section (admin)
- 0000021: [General] Add Password Change Function (Self Only) (admin)
- 0000025: [General] Date Picker form appears slightly out of place/squished (admin)
- 0000037: [Collectors] Add Cases to collectors (admin)
- 0000027: [General] Change the Date Display to the correct format on multiple tables/outputs (admin)
- 0000035: [Collectors] Fix saving of collector information (admin)
- 0000048: [Admin] Add Company Name in Header (admin)

Easy Repossession - 0.5 (Released 2014-05-22)

- 0000004: [Cases] Adding Debtor Information (admin)
- 0000002: [General] Able to add duplicates to Assigning of Collectors, Agents etc. (admin)
- 0000005: [General] Delete Buttons and Show Deleted (admin)
- 0000003: [Admin] Add Ability to show additional rows to Admin Tables (admin)

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